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A team of BTG EAE and AB Suite development specialists assisted Jack Cooper Transport (JCT) ( staff during the migration of JCT’s business operation systems (Electronic Transportation and Yard Management System and Financial Systems) from Unisys Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) to Unisys Agile Business Suite (AB Suite). The BTG team was also involved in the development of new functionality for the migrated AB Suite system. In addition to AB Suite development and unit testing, the BTG team also generated GUIs for the production system and live production releases and also resolved AB Suite related issues.

BTG also developed an interface solution between non-AB Suite and AB Suite programs and created JCT-specific AB Suite technical user documentation.

For more information about the project and/or BTG AB Suite capabilities, please contact:

Astra Kikute
Baltic Technology Group (BTG)
5 Antonijas Street
Riga, LV 1010
Tel.: 371 67 504 816